A new look at the museum

We create a new and surprising experience for visiting exhibition spaces.
Now you can offer it to your visitors!

We redesign the way that people can visit cultural centres using a more personalized and interactive experience based on augmented reality content for Google Glass.


  • Customised visits
  • Customised visits

Customised visits

We design personalised tours depending on the visitor´s profile: age, level of need and cultural expectations, time available, etc.

Within each point of interest or place, content can be adapted to the user´s profile, to make the most of their experience.

You will see how satisfied the public will be!


Interactive Content

Whenever your visitors approach a picture, Guiart will recognise it and will provide 100% customized and personalised contents, with the aim of being didactic, useful and rewarding.

We use high-quality multimedia contents, designed with augmented reality and 3D for Google Glass.

We also can reuse other existing contents if preferred.

Examples of augmented reality content

  • Guiding in the museum
  • Guiding in the museum
  • Guiding in the museumo

Don’t get lost in the museum. Let us help you.

Guiart Experience allows your visitors to maximise their time. We will guide them through the rooms using real-time interactive maps..

While they are going from one point to another, Guiart will interact with them offering suggestions and previews from other paintings to see, related works, etc.

Enjoy and share your experience

More than simply looking!

Guiart Experience allows visitors to take photos, record videos, comment, recommend, indicate which picture they like the most and share the whole experience in the social networks. They will become the museum’s digital ambassadors.

And, if desired, they can control the device with their voice - hands-free!

Interaction in the points of interest

Make your public feel as though they are the star of their own show

And much much more....


Its usability makes it the ideal solution for disabled people.


Visitors can compete with games, gymkhanas, quizzes, tests, etc.

Hands free

People can navigate using their voice, without carrying other devices.

Enjoy and learn

An innovative and amazing way of educating and spreading culture to the young.

We love what we do.
We hope that you love it too!

Benefits for the museum

All kind of posibilities with Guiart Experience and Google Glass
Differentiate yourself

Differentiate yourself

Convert it into a worldwide reference space. Everybody will want to visit

New ways to Make money

Make money

Interaction + sharing + user experience = news ways of incomes

Build loyalty and get visibility

Build loyalty and get visibility

You can manage marketing campaigns before and after the visit to engage your public. Let users be your ambassadors in the social networks

Benefits for the museum using data analysis


We record a lot of information about preferences, likes, needs and behaviour of visitors, so you can analyse and make strategic decisions

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Guiart Experience is a project that was created with the aim of defining new and exciting user experiences. We love what we do and we hope you love it too!